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Domestic Energy Certificates

In England Energy Assessments for domestic properties are conducted using an adapted Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) which yields a SAP score in the range 0 – 100. This represents the relative cost of providing heating, domestic hot water, and lighting for the property for a ‘standard occupancy’ (heating for 9 hours each week day and 16 hours at weekends, with living rooms at 21°C and other rooms at 18°C). An equivalent Carbon Emission score is also shown.

Scottish Assessments are broadly similar, but the presentation of the results on the Energy Certificate is different.

The Assessment involves an accurate measurement of the property, ascertainment of its age and type of construction (including up to three extensions), examination of the heating and domestic hot water systems and their controls, a check on glazing standards and the type of fixed lighting provided, and an examination of any loft space to determine the level of insulation fitted. The assessment survey will take around an hour to complete, depending on the size, age and complexity of the property.

Rental Properties
Energy Performance Certificates are valid for ten years.

In recognition of the fact that energy performance may have an influence on rental values, Cheviot Surveys offers a two-stage assessment which will allow clients a short period in which to implement recommended improvements, if they wish so to do.

Discounted fees are offered if multiple assessments are commissioned for the same building, and these assessments can be conducted on a single visit: for example, where a house has been divided into two or more flats.

Lease and Sale of Residential Properties

The Energy Performance Certificate is a mandatory component of the English Home Information Pack (HIP), and the Scottish Property Information Pack.

In Scotland the Energy Report will be compiled by the surveyor conducting the Single Survey for the property.

Cheviot Surveys offers two services to Estate Agents or home owners compiling HIPs; the preparation of an EPC, and the provision of the voluntary Home Condition Report.

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